The modular structure of the KorFin® software gives you the option of adapting the desired software package specifically to your company and project requirements. The three packages Road, Rail, ad Energy contain the basic modules required for the successful processing of your infrastructure projects and can be supplemented by further interdisciplinary KorFin® modules.

KorFin® Packages

Our ready-made KorFin® packages combine the basic services and functionalities of modules in the three specialist areas of Rail, Road, and Energy.

KorFin® Modules

The KorFin® models are functionally complete units and provide a certain service or function. The modules listed here can be combined with the KorFin® packages as desired.

Environment and Landuse

Environmental evaluation

With KorFin®, you can calculate the environmental and spatial impact with or without dynamic spatial resistances for all variants and variant combinations as well as all corridors of consideration at any time in just one step.


Noise calculation

You calculate noise immissions in accordance with the applicable guidelines directly in the KorFin® overall model, using train schedules or various traffic intensities and in varying resolutions. The noise evaluation and analysis of the affectedness is done precisely for each area and specifically for each inhabitant in the KorFin® overall model or as an isophone map.


Construction substrate

Integrate your 3D construction substrate model into the KorFin® overall model and intersect it with other specialist models and planning or generate your 3D construction substrate model from original data, such as drillings or 2D longitudinal sections. Us it for differentiated quantity evaluations.

Construction site

Digital construction

Integration and simulation of model-based 4D construction and 4D billing in the KorFin® overall model. The dynamic generation of volumes from original routing data and profiles, downstream segmentation and the use of external surveys allow dynamic target-performance comparisons, construction scheduling and billing processes to be created.


Construction schedule planning

With KorFin®, you combine many individual schedules into an overall schedule or you create them directly in KorFin®. Core functionalities are presentation in conjunction with the KorFin® overall model for final and temporary construction stages, the integrated temporal clash analysis, including opportunity search for time reserves, as well as construction process simulation.

Underground Engineering

Media planning - specialized underground engineering - sewer and drainage planning

Integrate external

  • Sewer and drainage planning
  • Media conduits and media lines, and
  • Specialized planning of sheeting excavations

into your KorFin® overall model. Plan manholes and pipes in KorFin® or integrate them from ISYBAU data. You benefit from the automated assignment of specific components.

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