KorFin is a 5D platform with 3D real-time planning for road, rail, line and cable infrastructure. The platform provides a real-time environment for efficient generation of dynamic, spatial overall models for as-built data, integrated planning, visualization and coordination in applications with high model accuracy. KorFin integrates GIS, construction process management (4D) and model-based cost calculation (5D).

Preparation, management, and transformation of geospatial data

With KorFin® Model, create optimized and texturized terrain models and homogenize, mesh, and model your geospatial data. The model and attribute data are managed over the entire course of the project.

Planning – Coordination – Analysis

Use the model generated from geodata with KorFin® Model in KorFin® to plan routes and volumes. Create complex BIM models by interlinking specialist objects, based on the specialist plans as well as on 4D modeling and calculation. Use KorFin® to analyze your BIM models technically and professionally.

Visualization – Communication – Public Relations

Present your project to your client on site at any time with the KorFin® View viewer, without the need for cumbersome installations. Your 5D overall model, formed from as-built and planning data, including all GIS and BIM attributes forms the basis of the presentation. In addition to visualization, KorFin® View also offers you evaluation functionalities and redlining.

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