KorFin® Road

With KorFin® you can route single or dual carriageway roads quickly and efficiently and in compliance with guidelines. Costs, quantities and volumes are automatically created and calculated, covering embankments, cuts, bridges, tunnels, retaining walls and more. In particular, KorFin® assists you with complex route finding and preliminary planning with its real-time design features. Use your design with further applications, such as environmental and noise analysis.


Structure, attribute, and version components in component libraries. Combine the components in the libraries into component groups as needed, in order to more efficiently use them in your specialist planning.

BIM Center

In the BIM Center, you can automatically select your entire model or individual specialist objects, enrich them with attributes and check the received, attributed specialist objects. At the same time, you have the option of a cross-trade clash analysis and the possibility to freely formulate checking and evaluation processes.


You can perform classical numerical clash analysis for any conditions in the KorFin® overall model. Use it to check clearance or the quality of the received specialist models.


KorFin® automatically derives quantities and costs from route designs in real time. For this purpose, the created volumes of the specialist objects are evaluated. A cost center is automatically assigned to these specialist objects and they are integrated into an automated cost statement for your overall model.

Construction scheduling

With KorFin®, combine many individual schedules into a single overall schedule, or create them directly in KorFin®. Core functionalities include displaying the schedule in the overall model for final and temporary construction stages, integrated scheduling clash analysis including opportunity search to find time reserves as well as construction process simulation.


With KorFin®, you create the basis for your simulation with PTV® Vissim. Connect the results with your overall model and realistically animate the simulation calculations.


With KorFin®, with just one step you can calculate the environmental impact and spatial planning with or without dynamic spatial resistances for all variants and variant combinations, as well as all corridors of consideration at any time.

Construction substrate

Integrate your 3D construction substrate model into the overall model and combine it with other specialist models and planning data or generate your 3D substrate model from original data such as drillings or 2D longitudinal sections. Use it for differentiated quantity evaluations.


Calculate noise immissions directly in the overall model with train schedules or traffic volumes in accordance with the applicable regulations. The analysis of the affectedness is done precisely by area and specifically per inhabitant.


Define a network of variants from your routing via hinge points. Leave the combinatorics, the analysis of the environmental and regional planning impacts, and the objective selection of the preferred variants to KorFin®, which uses your criteria.


Calculate route-specific fields of view and visibility blind spots for railroads, roads, and overhead lines automatically and according to the applicable regulations with KorFin®. The calculation automatically takes into account all integrated specialist models.

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