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Our licensing model is simple and ensures that the complete range of functions with the appropriate tools is available to all users. We offer flexible licensing models from leasing to purchase, for different usage scenarios tailored to you. If you are interested, please contact us. We will be in touch shortly after.


When you decide for KorFin®, you can choose between different licensing options. To support you in your decision, we have summarized the most important basic conditions:


Leasing is a license for a limited period of time. The minimum duration is 3 months.

Support is included.

The leasing price can be credited to a software purchase.

We recommend leasing for use over a limited project period.


A perpetual license is issued at the time of purchase. Support is ordered separately.

We recommend purchase for the implementation and maintenance of one or more projects over a longer period of time.

Single User

The KorFin® Single User license is available for exactly one user. You can install KorFin® on as many devices as you wish, but parallel use is not supported.

We recommend the Single User License for small companies with few or small projects.

Multi User

The KorFin® Multi User license can be used by one or more than one user at the same time. You can install KorFin® on as many devices as you like. All modules of the license are available to all users. The Multi User License requires a server that provides the license and sublicenses. Individual users can detach their sublicense from the server for a limited period of time and use it without connecting to the license server.

We recommend the Multi User License for companies with several employees and extensive projects.


The license key is located on separate hardware (the USB dongle). Due to the independence from individual computers, you benefit from high flexibility.

We recommend a dongle for users who frequently work on different computers.


With our cloud solution, the license is hosted at A+S (hosting fees apply). The usage is tied to a single computer and an internet connection is required. Offline usage is possible for a limited time. You benefit from high security--the license key cannot be stole or lost due to hardware difficulties.

We recommend the cloud method for users or companies who cannot or do not wish to manage their own license server.


The license key is installed on the computer as software and saved. The license is bound to an individual computer, but can be transferred for a limited time to another computer. You benefit from high security - the license key cannot be stolen or copied.

We recommend Softlock for users who mainly work at the same workstation.

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