We offer webinars and comprehensive basic and in-depth training on KorFin® to help you get started quickly with using the functions. The trainings are conducted by our trained staff. There is a minimum number of 5 participants for each training.

Our trainings are divided into different categories so that both newcomers and experts can find the right events to expand and deepen their knowledge.


... briefly and concisely teach you how to use the various modules of the software in 30 minutes.


... give you an insight into specific expertise from our experts from the fields of software development, geoinformatics, rail, road, and energy.

Online seminars

... deepen your knowledge of editing and using the software and learning your own automation in about 60 minutes.

Initial trainings

... prroivde you a first impression of the software and an overview of how the interface works.

Individual training

... convey content tailored to your needs as well as trainings as a professional service using your projects as examples.

Advanced trainings

... offer you the opportunity to learn new ways to work and convey complex interconnections and use cases.

Certification trainings

... provide all content for the Building Smart "Foundation Certification BIM" from A+S in cooperation with universities..

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